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WiXAware - Sales


Did you know that you can get a free 30-day trial download of WiXAware? Download today and make your purchase in confidence!

Please click here to view latest pricing for WiXAware licenses.

Trial edition restrictions

The functionality that is available with your WiXAware trial and WiXAware licensed version are identical. This means you can enjoy all features of WiXAware during your trial period, without any artificial limitations.

To distribute Windows Installer packages that you create with WiXAware, you have to license WiXAware. You may not distribute packages created using the trial version of WiXAware before purchasing a license. You may not run the trial edition of WiXAware for more than 30 days.


Do I need more than one license?


You need one license for each developer that will be using WiXAware - WiXAware is licensed on a per-developer basis. There are absolutely no restrictions on the number of setup packages you are allowed create with a licensed copy of WiXAware. You may distribute setups you have created with WiXAware to an unlimited number of users, running on an unlimited number of desktops, in a royalty free manner.


Purchase orders

InstallAware accepts online, fax, and telephone orders with a valid credit card only.
Our network of resellers will honor purchase orders with terms when a credit card is not available.
For fastest delivery, please use a credit card. However, if you do not have a credit card available, you may still order WiXAware. Simply contact a reseller.


Minor WiXAware updates are always free. For instance, if you purchase version 1.0 of WiXAware, you will receive all WiXAware versions prior to 2.0 for free. Major versions of WiXAware are free within 3 months of your original purchase date. For instance, if you purchased version 1.0 of WiXAware, and WiXAware 2.0 was released 10 weeks after your purchase, your upgrade to WiXAware 2.0 is free.

Maintenance Plans

A maintenance plan gives you free upgrades for a full year, both for minor and major new releases of WiXAware. You order a maintenance plan by adding an upgrade license to your shopping cart, along with your regular license.

Competitive Upgrades

If you own a competing product, you may order WiXAware at the competitive upgrade pricing level. InstallShield, Wise, and ZeroG products qualify you for your instant 33% competitive upgrade discount. Simply add a competitive upgrade license to your shopping cart, and proceed with your order normally. You will need to provide us with your old product's serial number after placing your order so we can verify your ownership of the competing product.

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