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Windows Installer is the standard software installation technology on Windows. Built-in on all recent Windows operating systems, or installed through Windows Update, this software installer is today's requirement for successful application management and administration.

Unfortunately, creating an MSI file requires a lot of time and effort. Building a Windows Installer package is inherently difficult. This is why you want to enlist the help of a MSI creation tool.

WiXAware makes MSI creation effortless
The WiXAware software installer simplifies the task of building Windows Installer packages by providing a simple, XML based high level description of the underlying complexity of Windows Installer. This description is based on WiX, and helps WiXAware observe all Windows Installer authoring rules and comply with setup best practices.

WiXAware offers a simple, intuitive interface that dramatically accelerates the process of building a Windows Installer package. Use the visual designers and they automatically generate WiX code for you. Or, use the XML editor and directly edit the underlying WiX code. Switch between the two freely for the ultimate productivity.

WiXAware integrates with automated build tools and version control

Because WiX projects are plain text XML files, they can easily be checked into version control, and scanned for differences between versions. The WiX toolkit also includes command line compilers, enabling you to build release packages using automated scripts or tools, such as FinalBuilder, Make, Ant, NAnt, among many others.

Install files, create shortcuts, register your application
Using WiXAware's visual designers, rapidly prototype your install package, and describe the full installed state of your software:
  • Files, folders, shortcuts.
  • INI file sections, keys, values.
  • Registry keys, values, defaults.
  • System and environment variables.
  • ODBC drivers, data sources, translators.
  • Assemblies (.NET and Win32 side-by-side).
  • Services, as well as service control operations.
  • File associations, new MIME types, application paths.
  • COM resources, ActiveX controls, type libraries, ProgIDs.

Remember, WiXAware creates the underlying XML code for your setup automatically as you visually configure your installation package. You can always swap to the XML editor and directly manipulate the WiX code at any time, and even switch back to the visual designers to see your latest edits displayed visually.

Its also very easy to add pre-built setup modules your installation. Simply select any merge module to add to your setup project - and all the files and logic contained inside the merge module instantly become part of your solution.
Search for technology runtimes, applications, other settings

Does your application require technology runtimes? Simply define an application search for them and WiXAware will make sure they are available on the end-user system before beginning installation.

You may also search for any arbitrary application, file, folder, registry keys/values, and INI file keys. With the search feature, installing extensions and plugins for existing applications is easy.
Modularize your application into features and components

WiXAware organizes your setup for you into standard Windows Installer Features and Components. Therefore, with no effort on your part whatsoever, advanced software installer features such as partial install and repair are available to you, fully leveraging the capabilities of the Windows Installer installation system.

Digitally sign your packages, customize media layouts

Since Windows XP Service Pack 2, and especially with the release of Vista, end-users are strongly discouraged against running setup packages without digital signatures. WiXAware signs the MSI packages you create, making sure you make a positive and trust inspiring first impression with your customers.

WiXAware also offers custom media layouts. You may put everything inside a single MSI file, choose the strength of compression for your CAB files, define multiple volumes, or leave everything in a flat folder structure. For even better compression in your setup packages (as much as 50%), try Setup Squeezer.
Easily author Custom Actions to extend your setup

WiXAware provides a friendly Custom Action Wizard which guides you step-by-step through the difficult process of adding custom actions to your setup. Just follow the wizard and you'll be able to run your EXE, DLL, or custom scripts from your software installer.

WiX dialog editor for a custom installation user interface
WiXAware is the only IDE to offer a fully visual dialog designer with automatic WiX code generation. Whether you have existing XML code for your dialogs, or will be using the provided templates, the WiXAware dialog designer lets you edits your dialogs visually: complete with selectable objects, a rich component palette for adding new controls, and the ability to edit properties of all dialog elements (along with their interactions).
Got ideas for more?

WiXAware has a lot more than fits on a web site - just download and find out! If you have ideas for more, please tell us - we always love to hear your feedback, and knowing what you need, we not only make WiXAware better, we make your life easier.


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