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Screen Shots

WiXAware - Screen Shots

Main Window
The world-class WiXAware IDE
New Project
Available WiXAware project types
Dialog Editor
Edit dialogs and create WiX XML code
XML Editor
Native XML editor with auto complete
Add Language
Add a new pre-localized language to your MSI
App Paths
Configure application paths
Custom Actions
Browse your custom actions
Data Storage
Add custom elements to your setup
Features and Components
Define setup features and select components
File Associations
Create new file types for your application
Files and Folders
Choose the files and folders to install
Localize MSI setups into any language
Patch Wizard
Easily create patches for setups
Project Wizard
Step by step through creation of a new setup
Define the precise sequence of your MSI
Create shortcuts visually
Text Styles
Define common text styles for your dialogs
The IDE Welcome page
Merge Modules
Add merge modules to your setup project
Custom Action Wizard
Easily create custom actions
Choose and configure the .NET and Win32 Assemblies to install
COM Registration
Register COM items (Classes, AppIds, ProgIds, TypeLibs)
Custom Tables
Create new tables for custom actions usage
Ensure Tables
Make sure a table exist, even if empty
File Shares
Set permissions for file shares
IIS Sites
Configure and deploy IIS Sites
Installer Texts
Customize the texts displayed during setup
Isolate Component
Isolate shared components to a private location
Media Information
Configure the set of disks for the source media
MMC Snapin
Deploy Microsoft Management Console SnapIns
Reserve Costs
Reserve disk space in a given directory
SQL Databases
Create and use SQL Databases
Upgrade Information
Configure your setup behavior when it encounters older versions installed
Users Group
Easily create users and groups
VS Help
Deploy Visual Studio Help Namespaces
XML Files
Edit XML file content

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